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Frequentely Asked Questions – Reopened Sandy Claims

If you feel like your Hurricane Sandy claim has been improperly handled, unfairly paid or denied, let our team of experienced insurance attorneys answer your insurance questions and provide you with the representation you need to make sure that your claim is handled properly, and that ultimately you receive all of the funds to which you are entitled.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, it was revealed that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) may not have properly taking care of Hurricane Sandy victims who had federal flood insurance. At issue are allegations that engineering companies or the insurance companies that hired them produced false or altered reports in order to avoid properly reimbursing homeowners for damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

In response, FEMA has agreed to reopen claims filed by ANY home or business owner with federal flood insurance whose homes or businesses were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

If you feel that your claims were unjustly denied or lowballed, this agreement on the part of FEMA is very significant, as if you are found to have received less in compensation than you should have gotten, you will get more money up to the maximum of $250,000 for their property and $100,000 for dwelling contents.